Usage Applications

Usage Applications & User’s Advantages

Usage Applications

Visionup Strobe Glasses are applicable to all sports requiring sports visual skills.
They are effective to stimulate your brain and improve, maintain, or restore your visual ability to improve your athletic performance.

Ball Sports

Baseball, Softball, Clicket, Football, Soccer,
Futsal, Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse, Volleyball,
Bascketball, Handball, Tennis, Badminton,
Table Tennis, Squash, etc.

*Golf (for better Peripheral Awareness to keep balance and concenration)

Shooting Sport

Clay Shooting, Shooting, Archerry, Biathlon

Fighting Sports

Martial Arts, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Fencing, etc.

Motor Sports

Car Race, Motorbike Race, Bike Race, Boat Race, etc.

Users’ Advantages

– You would see moving objects much slower and clearer.

– You would see rotation and orbit of moving objects’.

– You would get a good and sustainable concentration.

– You would be more aware of your surroundings.

– You would improve reaction, quickness, agility, etc.