Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. Proper control of Personal Information

The Company shall protect any and all information regarding its customer’s personal matters (herein after as “Personal Information”) by appointing the manager to control Personal Information and endeavor to promote activities including regular training and education to its employees, who should handle any Personal Information.

2. The purpose and extent of obtaining Personal Information

The Company will, when obtaining any Personal Information, identify the purpose of use there of and obtain it to the extent it becomes necessary.

3. Provision of any Personal Information to any Third Party

The Company shall never provide any and all Personal Information obtained pursuant to the Clause 2. above to any other Third Party except the next two cases.

  1. In case subject to the prior consent from the relevant customer.
  2. In case that the company need to provide any Personal Information to any of its contractors to the extent only necessary to accomplish the service required by the customer.

4. The obligation to the relevant contractors

The Company will oblige its contractors by the contract to keep and observe the strict control of the Personal Information as the same level as the Company’s pursuant to the Clause 3. above

5. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and improvements

The Company will observe and attempt to continue improvements in order to observe any applicable laws and regulations and so that any and all Personal Information may be handled in a proper manner.Any modification thereof will be reflected in this Basic Policy from time to time.